• Ship Position and Movement Editor (I have no fucking idea on how to do this - yet - is it even worth it?)
  • Code weapons
    • Projectile (DONE)
    • Laser (DONE - change the way it works so it is an emitter and not a pulse)
    • Matter/Antimatter (DONE - did not remake, increased enemy hitbox Y)
    • Missile (TO DO)
    • Plasma Beam Bolt (DONE)
    • Particle Beam (DONE)
    • Rapid Fire (TODO)
  • Ship spawning (overlapping ships look ok) (TO DO)
  • Ship Movement
    • Move To (DONE)
    • Line (DONE - may be bugged on direction swap)
    • Sine Wave (DONE - may need speed adjustment goes way faster than supposed to)
    • Circle (DONE - small glitch when changing from MoveTo to Circle - fixed needs speed adjustment just like Sine Wave)
    • Elliptic (out of position, probably same issue as Circle - fixed needs speed adjustment just like Sine Wave)
    • Kamikaze/Ramming (TO DO)
  • Collision Matrix not set
  • Action Timer
  • Bosses (TO DO)
    • ???
  • Merge Visual Novel code with the game (TO DO)
  • Trailer 20-40 seconds (TO DO)
  • Gamepad Support (TO DO)
  • Get the game on FGL (TO DO)
  • Market? I have no idea how to market aside from twitter and reddit spamming (TO DO)
  • Port to Android (TO DO)
  • Port to iOs (TO DO)

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