I'll need to test out every single one of them, but this is sounding good right now. If possible, I was thinking maybe model the ships without weapons being directly in them, then attach each individually, will make it easier for testing and avoiding to redo a bunch of stuff

Common Ships TableEdit

Class HP Weapons Max Speed Preferable Max Verts AI Notes
Scout 1 1 projectile 20 300
Patrol 2

2 projectile

10 300
Frigate 5 1 laser 10 400
Corvette 5 2 projectile and 1 laser 15 400
Destroyer 8 3 projectile and 2 laser 8 400
Destroyer v2 15 5 projectile and 3 laser 1 antimatter 8 500
Dreadnaught 40 10 projectile 2 antimatter 5 600
Heavy Cruiser 65 6 projectile 1 laser 1 plasma 2 antimatter 8 500
Yamato 100 6 projectile 2 laser 2 particle 4 plasma 2 antimatter 5 600

Boss Ships TableEdit

Class HP Weapons Max Speed AI Preferable Max Verts Aspect
100 10 projectile 5 Constant firing, assisted by Patrol?, long cooldown plasma 1000
250 10 projectile 10 Has a swiping laser, small ship 1500
500 20 projectile 5 laser 5 long cooldown plasma beam much damage 2000
rhynoceros 750 10 lasers 2 antimatter 20 Rams the player while firing lasers sideways 1000


Type Damage Rate of fire(per second) Description Notes
Projectile 1 1 Simple bullet type shot, will fill most of the screen at times
Laser 3 2 A ray of light!
Matter/Antimatter 5 1 Powerful projectile type thingy, flashy
Missile 20 Wide radius explosive Player only
Plasma Beam Bolt 1 0.3
Particle Beam 10 10

Ship DetailsEdit






Destroyer v2Edit


Heavy CruiserEdit


Attack PatternsEdit


Rapid forward advance towards the player ship

Rapid Fire Edit

Fires x shots in a rapid succession before needing to recharge.

Spawn/Movement PatternsEdit

Move ToEdit

Simple movement used for initial spawn and correctly positioning enemy ships


Spawns n units of any kind in a line, may enter from any side of the screen, moving at the same speed.

Sine WaveEdit

Sine Wave

Sine Wave

Up and down style of movement, should run both forward and backwars


Basic move around a point


Gravitate around a point


Simple space-y place, in a solar system.

Parallax based background with a planet here and there, some far away asteroids, maybe far away galaxy beautifying it

Level detailsEdit

This topic contains environment, spawn patterns and participating ships used in given level

Collision MatrixEdit

Player Ship Enemy Ship Player weapons Enemy Weapons
Player Ship - + - +
Enemy Ship + - + -
Player weapons - + - -
Enemy Weapons + - - -


Ship Class:

Ship Weaponry:

Movement patterns and AI:

McFunkyPants patterns and AI:

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